Cristiano Ronaldo was 'humiliated' by the Koreans when he substituted - Portuguese coach

Cristiano Ronaldo exchanges words with South Korea's Cho Gue-sung as he leaves the pitch.

Ronaldo appeared to have had a verbal exchange with Cho, but he walked over to the bench and brought his finger to his mouth.

The 37-year-old was disappointed to be sent off in the 65th minute but said it was his interaction with Cho that made the difference after the 2-1 defeat sent South Korea into the round of 16. The former Manchester United man expressed "anger".

"The Korean player insulted him and told him to leave, so he was very angry. Everyone saw that," Santos said.

"I've seen the interaction with the Korean player, no doubt about it. You can see Pepe approaching the Korean player in the photos. "He's not aggressive. He's just verbal. He talks to Cristiano in English. Cristiano says: 'Maybe he had a bad day'."

Ronaldo told Portuguese reporters that Cho tried to kick him off the pitch.

“What happened was that before I was substituted, a Korean player told me to go to bed immediately. I told him to shut up because he didn't have that authority. ] No disagreement.

Midfielder Hwang In-beom of Korea rarely talked about the incident. "I didn't see it. I was so tired," he said. "I'm looking at the ground so I can't see it and I have nothing to say."

Portugal topped Group H but by knockout to concede 91st-minute winner Hwang Hee-chan as South Korea beat Uruguay with a point in the round.

Santos' team is likely to face the second place in Group H, Switzerland, Serbia or Cameroon, but insists the loss to South Korea will be a "warning card" for his team.

His son stood up for Korea to overcome

"I'm a bit sad,"

"We are at the top of the table but I want to win and play better to boost the morale of the players. However, this result serves as a warning to our entire team. "

Meanwhile, South Korea will reach the second round for the first time since 2010 and face Brazil.

They gave way to a spectacular winner for the fans, scoring a goal against Uruguay, who were knocked out of the World Cup, despite beating Ghana 2-0.

One fan said: “Before the match, Son Heung-min said he would do something today.

He said, 'We trust you.' When I arrived, many of my teammates told me that they trusted me too. I was convinced it would work for me. It is a beautiful road. It makes my job easier.

"It's hard to wait for other results, but we've proven that we can make it to the knockout stages and maintain that confidence. I want to share the great feelings with everyone.